What factors determine the charging speed of sb usb 3.1 cable?

Mar 31, 2020

Users must find such a problem when charging with USB 3.1 cableSB 3.1 cable. The charging speed of the data cable can be fast or slow. Generally, this situation occurs, or the output power of the charger cannot meet the needs of mobile phones. Because at present, the charging current of battery capacity less than 2500MAH is generally 1A, and the charging current of more than 2500MAH is 2A.

  The charging cable can basically charge and transfer data. If it can only be charged, there must be two cores missing. There are a total of four independent small wires in the USB cable. Small, not really related to the data line, unless your line is particularly long, it must be related, that is, the resistance of the line, do n’t be too long, buy expensive, thick core, there must be no problem
USB 3.1 cable is connected to the charger and the mobile phone, because the data line has resistance, measuring resistance, with the same charging head, the smaller the resistance, the greater the current. . What is the maximum current allowed by the built-in chip that controls the charging speed of the mobile phone, and whether the current output of the mobile phone charging plug also affects the original data cable of the mobile phone.