The difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire

Jun 25, 2021

Teflon wire and PVC wire are very common wires, but many people don't know the difference between them. The difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire is mainly manifested in the difference in insulation layer.

One: the difference in the thickness of the insulating layer

The electronic wire insulation layer made of Teflon will be thinner than the electronic wire insulation layer made of pvc material. Note that the thickness here does not determine the insulation quality. Both of the sub-categories have specifications with better withstand voltage and poorer withstand voltage. For example, if a wire has 30 wires, then the advantage of using Teflon wire will be shown. On the basis of ensuring electrical performance, this wire can be made thinner.

Two: different temperature and cold resistance

Teflon has better heat resistance. The rated temperature of Teflon wire can be between 105-250 degrees, while the rated temperature of PVC wire is generally between 60-105 degrees. For example: if it is a military product, it is generally required that the product can work normally in an environment of 65 degrees. In a 65°C environment, the temperature inside the whole machine can also reach 80°C or more, so it is obviously impossible to use PVC at this time, because the external insulation layer will quickly age, which will eventually affect the working state of the device.

Three: different flame resistance

Teflon has good flame resistance and is not easy to be ignited, while PVC wire can be ignited. For example: This greatly affects the safe use of equipment.

Four: different appearance

From the appearance of the wire, the brightness of the two is different. PVC material will look duller, while Teflon is brighter. For example: After learning that the appearance is different from this article, it is beneficial to distinguish between them in practice.

Five: The friction resistance and corrosion resistance are different

Teflon wire has better friction and corrosion resistance. For example, if our electronic wire is connected to the AB and CD shells, it often needs to slide, and may be exposed to the outside due to poor airtightness. At this time, this feature will give play to its advantages.

Six: Different pressure resistance

The pressure resistance that Teflon can achieve is relatively worse than that of PVC wire.