Popularization and introduction of silicone wire

Jun 25, 2021

The insulating material of the silicone wire is mainly high-performance silicone rubber. Its structural feature is that the main chain is alternately composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, and rubber with two organic groups on the silicon atoms. Ordinary silicone rubber is mainly composed of siloxane chain links of methyl and a small amount of vinyl, and the improvement of high and low temperature resistance and oil resistance is mainly due to the introduction of phenyl, trifluoropropyl and cyano groups. Ordinary silicone rubber can withstand low temperature up to -55℃, after introducing phenyl, it can reach -73℃, and high temperature resistance can reach up to 200℃. Silicone rubber has good air permeability, and its oxygen transmission rate is the highest among synthetic polymers. In addition, silicone rubber has excellent physiological inertia, so its outstanding characteristics are not outstanding, which is one of the main reasons for its wide application in the medical field.

Silicone rubber is mainly divided into thermal vulcanization type (that is, high temperature vulcanized silica gel) and room temperature vulcanization type (RTV), of which the thermal vulcanization type is divided into two sub-categories: polycondensation reaction type and addition reaction type. High temperature silicone rubber is mainly used to manufacture various silicone rubber products, while room temperature silicone rubber is mainly used as an adhesive, potting material or mold. The thermal vulcanization type has the largest amount, and the thermal vulcanization type is divided into methyl silicone rubber (MQ), methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ, with the largest amount and product brand), and methyl vinyl phenyl silicone rubber PVMQ (low temperature resistance, radiation resistance) ), there are other silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber and so on.

The reason why silicone wire and cable can be widely used in lithium batteries, LED lighting, new energy and other fields, most mainly depends on the excellent characteristics of silicone rubber.