What are the four cables of usb c cable?

Sep 12, 2020

With the continuous development of science and technology, USB has become a standard for PC peripheral connections and is considered a very successful interface. Today, billions of devices in the world have embedded USB interfaces. The mainstream USB specification is version 3.0, and its agreement has strict regulations on the shape, size, wire, color, identifier, and electrical characteristics of the connecting cable. Therefore, if we want to do a good job in the connection of usb c cable, we must understand the cable. So do you know what the four lines of usb c cable are?

 The four cables of usb c cable are:

   black is negative (GND)

  Red is the positive pole (VCC), which is the power cord

  The green one is the positive terminal of the data line (DATA+)

  The white one is the negative pole of the data line (DATA-)

  The method of distinguishing the four lines is as follows:

Hold the USB connector, the LOGO of the three-prong Y upwards (that is, toward the sky), your eyes can see the four metal contacts inside the connector, counting from left to right, pin 1 is VCC (that is, connected to 5V) The positive pole of the power supply); Pin 2 is DATA-; Pin 3 is DATA+; Pin 4 is GND (that is, the ground pin).

  Usb c cable has a pair of power cords and a pair of twisted-pair signal wires among the 4 core wires. The built-in power supply can make the USB interface provide 5v power for USB peripherals. Each USB port can provide 500mA current for peripheral use. I don’t know if you have carefully observed the interface port of the USB cable. Careful friends will find that there are four golden fingers inside the interface port of the USB cable. The two outside are longer. They are responsible for supplying power to the USB device. It can be called a power cord. The two gold fingers on the inner side are shorter and transmit data, which means that these are two data lines.

   About what the four cables of usb c cable are, I will introduce them to you today. Only when we understand clearly what the four cables are, can we easily insert the usb c cable, which will save you some time and achieve a multiplier effect.