About the application prospect and role of silicone wire in the power industry

Jun 25, 2021

The main chain of silicone rubber structure is composed of siloxane. Because of its special structure, silicone rubber has good high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, weak water absorption, good electrical insulation and other unique properties. Silicone rubber is an early insulating material. Since Dow Corning and General E-lectric in the United States produced high-temperature vulcanized dimethyl silicone rubber in 1944, the rapid development of silicone rubber has made silicone wire a modern high-tech field, including Important materials in the fields of aerospace, navigation, national defense and military industry, electronics and electrical appliances, transportation, medical and health, etc. Next, the editor will give you a brief chat!

With the advancement of science and technology, the working temperature of electrical equipment is also increasing. As one of the indispensable materials, insulated wires need to be improved in temperature resistance. At present, the silicone wire can work in a high temperature environment of 150℃-200℃ for a long time, and the electrical performance changes little in a large temperature range. Silicone wire can produce non-conductive silica when burned. Therefore, the silicone wire added with glass fiber fabric can still maintain its working ability after burning. High-voltage electrical equipment produces ozone during operation and corrodes wires. Silicone-resistant wire has good chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, and strong acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, it is used in the environment of high-voltage electrical equipment and the wire has a long service life. , To ensure safety.

As a new generation of high-voltage cables, silicone cables are widely used in high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment. With the development of organic silicone and nanotechnology in my country, the progress of silicone rubber matching technology will be greatly accelerated, and the comprehensive performance of silicone rubber insulation materials Will be further improved. At that time, the cost of silicone wire is expected to be further reduced. The development of silicone rubber insulated wires is unstoppable, and their applications will become more and more widespread. Although silicone insulated wires still have some technical problems to be solved.