Three factors leading to USB 3.1 cable damage

May 29, 2020

1. When charging with usb 3.1 cable, the problem of USB cable failure sometimes occurs, but the charging head is rarely damaged. Generally speaking, this is because there is no good habit of plugging and unplugging when using the USB cable, and you should grasp the end of the cable when unplugging the USB cable to develop a good plugging habit.

Second, the USB 3.1 cable placement problem, if the USB cable is not in use, the position is not placed properly, which will cause the USB cable to fall to the ground, stepped on by unsuspecting people or pressed by a moving chair Bad and other situations.
usb 3.1 cable
Third, the quality problem of usb 3.1 cable, it is best to choose branded goods when you choose usb 3.1 cable. The quality of some miscellaneous usb cables is uneven, there is not much quality assurance, and there is no product during production and sales. Inspection, most of them are unreliable, so if you want good USB line quality, it is best to choose branded goods.