How to reduce the failure of usb c cable?

Feb 28, 2020

         How does the usb c cable prolong its service life during use? How to reduce its use failure? usb data cable manufacturers take you to find out.

         First of all, it is necessary to protect the interface of the spring. The two ends of the USB cable are frequently in contact with the mobile phone and the charging head. Long-term use of these two interface parts is prone to poor contact faults. Before the mobile phone data cable has failed. The spring on the ballpoint pen can be fixed to the two interfaces of the mobile phone data cable to protect the interface
usb c cable
         Using tape to protect the interface, in addition to using a spring to protect the interface of the mobile phone's data cable, you can also use the interface to wind a certain amount of tape to reduce the probability of the data cable malfunctioning. However, this technique of reducing the failure rate of the mobile phone data cable has a disadvantage that it will affect the overall aesthetics of the data cable, and the embarrassing situation that the tape may fall off after a period of use.

         Put a hose on the USB cable. The reason why the data cable of the mobile phone will malfunction is not only related to improper operation, but also the quality of the data cable itself and the material of production will cause failure if it does not meet the standards. Therefore, for those relatively flexible mobile phone data cable owners, they can put a hose on it, which can alleviate the bending force of the buffered data cable to a certain extent.