How can we better avoid the USB 2.0 printer cable breaking problem

Mar 19, 2020

        It is a key issue worth studying to prevent the USB 2.0 printer cable from breaking properly during use. First of all, it is necessary to properly add a tube sleeve. This is to prevent the 2.0 printer cable from being affected by external factors. Generally, manufacturers will properly add a pipe sleeve to protect the entire data line during production, so as to ensure the reduction of the range and space of the data line, and can only be used in the limited space of the pipe sleeve, so pass In addition, the tube sleeve can effectively prevent the data cable from breaking, and it can also protect the data cable so as to maintain longer use.
          Then it is necessary to use it correctly. Try not to bend it at right angles when using it, because the outer skin of the USB 2.0 printer cable is made of rubber and is very prone to aging. The data cable manufacturers call it to avoid the phenomenon of wear and cracking of the outer skin. Therefore, it is better not to let the data cable port show bending or right-angle phenomenon during use. The phenomenon of right-angle bending can easily cause the data cable to break and also cause abnormal charging.

          Also, it is best to reduce the pressure on the two ports when charging. The data cable manufacturer claims to reduce the pressure on the two ports as much as possible during charging. Many users generally let the data cable directly hang the mobile phone when charging or when it is plugged out. Because the two ports will generate heat during the charging process for a long time, they will often be damaged due to frequent thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, during use, pay attention to reduce the use pressure of the two ends to avoid damage due to gravity or pulling.