Popularization and introduction of silicone wire

Jun 25, 2021

The insulating material of the silicone wire is mainly high-performance silicone rubber. Its structural feature is that the main chain is alternately composed of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, and rubber with two organi... Read More

About the application prospect and role of silicone wire in the power industry

Jun 25, 2021

The main chain of silicone rubber structure is composed of siloxane. Because of its special structure, silicone rubber has good high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, weak water absorption, good electri... Read More

The difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire

Jun 25, 2021

Teflon wire and PVC wire are very common wires, but many people don't know the difference between them. The difference between Teflon wire and PVC wire is mainly manifested in the difference in insulation layer. O... Read More

P-Shine brand has completed the brand registration in North America

Oct 08, 2021

P-Shine Electronic Tech Ltd attaches great importance to intellectual property rights. In order to protect the company’s product design patents and better serve customers, the company is gradually completing brand ... Read More

P-Shine's Amazon North America account opened

Oct 08, 2021

Sometimes, customers need a small amount of customized cables, those that cannot be easily bought in the market, but unfortunately, as a factory, we cannot customize a small amount of cables for customers, because the pr... Read More

USB-IF Association Launches New USB-C Cable Logo

Aug 04, 2022

USB-IF Association Launches New USB-C Cable Logo, 20Gbps 60W cable, 20Gbps 240W cable, 40Gbps 60W cable, and 40Gbps 240W cable. Recently, the USB-IF Association officially announced the guidelines for the use of ... Read More

P-Shine LOGO Registered

Jan 03, 2023

P-Shine LOGO Registered.  P-Shine LOGO is a registered trademark of P-Shine Electronic Tech Ltd, All rights reserved Digitally Signed By: United States Patent Trademark Office Reg. No. 6,870,933 Registered... Read More