UL1731 Wire
  • UL1731 Wire

UL1731 Wire

 Product Name: UL1731 Wire
 Conductor: Annealed tinned copper wires or solid copper conductor  Conductor process: Stranded after tinning
 Insulation: PVC  Burning grade: Pass UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 vertical flame test
 Rated temperature: 105℃  Rated voltage: 300Volts
 Color: Customized as required  Certificate/Standard: UL / UL758 UL1581 CSA22.2.
 Use For: General purpose internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment, etc.
Specification of UL1731 Wire
UL & cUL Type Conductor Insulation
Standard Put-up Conductor
Resistance at 20℃
 gauge(AWG) NO./mm mm mm Ft/coil M/coil Ω/KM
32 7/0.080 0.23 0.75 4000 1220 597.00
30 7/0.100 0.80 2000 610 381.00
28 7/0.127 0.90 239.00
26 7/0.160 1.00 150.00
24 11/0.16 1.10 94.20
22 17/0.16 1.30 59.40
20 21/0.178 1.50 36.70
18 34/0.178 1.80 23.20
16 34/0.178 2.10 14.60
30 1/0.254 0.23 0.75 4000 1220 361.00
28 1/0.320 0.80 2000 610 239.00
26 1/0.404 0.90 150.00
24 1/0.511 1.00 89.30
22 1/0.634 1.20 56.40
20 1/0.813 1.30 35.20
18 1/1.204 1.50 22.20
16 1/1.29 1.80 14.00
 Remark: NO./mm (NO. : Number of copper wires;  mm: Diameter of copper wires)
  The above data is for reference only. Product specifications are subject to the data sheet confirmed by both parties!

● Material Description: PVC(polyvinyl chlorid)
Polyvinyl Chloride resin is a thermoplastic polymer polymerized from vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), It is made by using polyvinyl chloride resin as main raw material, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, auxiliary agent, etc., through mixing and other processes, is one of the most common insulation materials

● Cable Characteristics:
1. Easy processing
2. Acid and alkali resistance
3. Mildew proof

● Application
Used for household appliances, lamps, toys, temperature sensors, aerospace, military products, metallurgy and chemical industry, communications, automobile and ship, electronic equipment and other connection wires. etc.,
 Sample time: 1~5 days  Delivery time: 10~20 days
 MOQ: Depending on the specifications you require  Trade Terms: FOB, EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP.....
 Shipping: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, SF or by Sea  Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, L/C.....
 Warranty: 1 Year  Packaging Deatails: PE film + carton, or custom
 Our products are 100% strictly tested and are suitable for use as a part of industrial products, B2B, wholesale
1. OEM/ODM are highly appreciated
2. The length, conductor, diameter, color and structure of the cable all can be customized
3. The coiled wires are heavy and it is recommended to be transported by sea
4. If you need to cut the wires to the required length, or strip, solder, install connectors, or process into wire assemblies, please let us know, we can do this


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    ● Most of the world's leading manufacturing companies have set up factories in China
    ● We can purchase almost all famous brands of raw materials locally, such as: connectors, switches, sockets, plugs
    ● Our city: Dongguan, one of the most famous manufacturing cities in the world, has the most mature upstream and downstream supply chain
    ● We have experienced researchers and high-quality workers
    ● We are close to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou,  have the most convenient airports and ports
    ● Cheap is by no means our label, we provide products of high quality but competitive prices

  • Order process
    Inquiry >>>► Provide specification sheet / drawing / detailed description / pictures >>>► feasibility assessment >>>► quotation + drawing >>>► customer confirmation >>>► production samples >>>► customer test samples >>>► sample meets the requirements >>>► order + payment >>>► production >>>► qualified inspection >>>► delivery
  • About samples
    ● Usually, we will provide samples for customer testing and confirmation before mass order
    ● Samples will be provided free of charge within a week
    ● If the sample requires us to purchase special parts or tools, or if the quantity of samples is high or the value is high, we may charge a sample fee
    ● Samples are generally delivered by express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, SF) and can be received within a week in most countries
    ● Customer needs to bear the freight of the sample
  • How to pay

  • How to transport

    ● If it is USB cable, wire harness, cable assembly, they are small in density and light in weight, suitable for air transportation
    ● If it is power cord or rolled cables, they are usually heavy. If the quantity is small, it can be shipped by air. If the quantity is large, it is recommended to ship by sea
     The goods can usually be delivered to customers in most countries in about 10 days by air. If it is by sea, depending on the distance and different countries, it may take 3 ~ 50 days
     Our company has several regular freight forwarding companies that can meet your needs for different modes of transportation
     If you need to find a suitable freight forwarding company in China, we can help provide their contact informations, you can choose one!


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