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teflon wire

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    Teflon Wires, Corrosion resistant, High temperature resistant:
    UL10556, UL10345, UL10331, UL10311, UL10248, UL10192, UL10156, UL10102, UL10072, UL10064, UL10050, UL10048, UL10045, UL1901, UL1900, UL1887, UL1886, UL21509, UL20710, UL20604, UL20368, UL20369, UL20308, UL1723, UL1716, UL1589, UL1577, UL1538, UL1371, UL1227, UL1226, UL20604, UL20710, UL20369, UL20308, UL1901, UL1592, UL1591, UL1333, UL1332, UL1331, UL1330

     P-SHINE ELECTRONIC TECH LTD was set up in 1997. It is a leading cables group company, Providing cable with high quality and customized design service. Main products include: AC power cord, USB cable, Cable assembly, Wire/Cable, Audio/Video cable. etc. The company is located in D  ONGGUAN city and is close to SHENZHEN and GUANGZHOU port.

   P-SHINE Group has 7 independent factories, which provide AC power cord, USB cable, Cable assembly, Wire/Cable, Audio/Video cable, and our own insulation materials and copper wire processing factory. At the same time, we have a highly specialized technical R&D and management team, which has won high recognition from customers with excellent quality and outstanding service. So far, the company has hired more than 1,000 employees.

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