What is the difference between Thunderbolt and DisplayPort ?

Nov 26, 2019

What is the difference between Thunderbolt and DisplayPort ?

1. DP (DisplayPort) is a new generation hd audio and video interface standard proposed by VESA (video electronic standards association) in May 2006. Currently, it has reached DP1.2 version.

2.The appearance and size of the Mini DP and ThunderBolt interfaces are the same

3. The main difference between Mini DP interface and ThunderBolt interface is that ThunderBolt has data transmission function (PCI), while Mini DP has no data transmission function.

4, ThunderBolt is a composite interface, can be understood as it provides PCI-E to external devices (Computer graphics card, sound card, etc., connected to the CPU via the PCI slot), Intel made full use of this feature to develop the Thunderbolt interface, ThunderBolt = DP + PCI, that is, the lightning interface can be As the DP transmits audio and video signals to the display, it can also transmit data as PCI.

5. Mini Displayport is a miniature interface of Displayport, which only supports Display. For the cable with only Display function, they have the same purpose, but ThunderBolt is developed on Mini Displayport, so the predecessor of ThunderBolt 3 is ThunderBolt 2, and the predecessor of ThunderBolt 2 is 
the Mini Displayport.

6. Now all the products of the new apple Mac are changed from MiniDP standard to ThunderBolt standard, and there are a lot of displays and hard disk storage around the thunderBolt interface